About the artist

Ludo Sak was born and raised in the province of Brabant in the Netherlands, yet neighbouring Limburg has won his heart. Ludo tries to capture the reality around him with both his heart and his camera, triggering hidden emotions and personal views. Very glad to say he frequently succeeds in amazing a growing circle of people.

This is how it all took shape:

As a young man he soon discovered the gravitational pull of IT. Just 'computers' as it was called then. As a graduated Master of Science in 'Information management and technology' the foundations for many a challenge were further enhanced. His interest in technique and procedures were pertinent here, as ever. At the start of this very century he found a new challenge in catching the beauty of light: the first digital cameras were a fact.

In his limited editions technique is still a driving force towards complex and well designed compositions that tend to be time consuming. With focus on small details, abstract and full of colour his honest photos show us the world behind our eyes.

Many challenges will follow, in search of (de)light.


Ludo surprises us with a new art piece that does not reflect both reality and emotion but focusses on the latter. Mind that the image is still based on a real situation. Almost surreal his work is still full of colour, to just look at and dream away. It has been titled "distractions (of a troubled mind)".


Ludo has taken on the challenge of a large scaled custom assignment, both in number of creations and in the actual object size. In full artistic freedom he will show these beauties in a new light. The assignment will take about a year to be fully processed. He likes it a lot.

Ludo has created a new piece: "Barred illusions". About the proverbial grass on that other side, harsh reality and things seemingly impossible.

Barred illusions

Some creations just pop up, without idea or philosophy. Thus it happened for me to be on my knees, honestly enjoying time leaving a trail of tears behind. Of tears forlorn. The truth deeply burrowed.

Of tears forlorn

Limited edition and size

Each and every piece of art is limited to an edition of 20 prints. A work of SAK is exclusive in its core and never published in large numbers.
Upon buying it is possible to get future exclusive rights for a piece of art.

Photos are printed on professional 3mm aluminium dibond; a high quality weather- and UV resistant technique used by professional photographers.

Each piece of art can be experienced on a selection of sizes: 30cm by 20cm, 60cm by 40cm, 75cm by 50cm, 90cm by 60cm or larger in 3:2/2:3 aspect ratio.
Feel free to look at the creations in real life, to really experience the beauty and complexity (by appointment only). 

Sometimes I take on specific customer requests, always within my own style of work.

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