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Good art needs to pull a hidden trigger. What is your first thought? Better yet, what do experience, feel? I'd like to know. Thank you for sharing a small piece of your beautiful mind.
Best regards, Ludo
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Limited edition and size

Each and every piece of art is limited to an edition of 20 prints. A work of SAK is exclusive in its core and never published in large numbers.
Upon buying it is possible to get future exclusive rights for a piece of art.

Photos are printed on professional 3mm aluminium dibond; a high quality weather- and UV resistant technique used by professional photographers.

Each piece of art can be experienced on a selection of sizes: 30cm by 20cm, 60cm by 40cm, 75cm by 50cm, 90cm by 60cm or larger in 3:2/2:3 aspect ratio.
Feel free to look at the creations in real life, to really experience the beauty and complexity (by appointment only). 

Sometimes I take on specific customer requests, always within my own style of work.

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Ludo Sak
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On this site prices of individual art pieces are not shown. Please do ask for more details regarding one or more art photographs if you are interested or have other questions or remarks. Pricing is mainly based on size and material.